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In the Broke-ish space, we talk about being broke—broke and black in America. We talk about all the unbelievable *ish that America has done black people to keep us in this broke-ish state.  We've been bamboozled in ways that personal finance tips and traditional financial

literacy can't fix.  Our co-hosts, Delina and Erika, are 40ish women sharing candidly about money, wealth-building and the financial urban legends that need to die. You'll hear them draw from research, statistics and personal insights to create an engaging podcast whose mission is to be a part of changing the narrative around money. Broke-ish is for those who still persevere, in spite of all the things that America, capitalism, white supremacy, have done to us as black people. We're Broke-ish. Let's talk about it.

Nov 1, 2019

Have you noticed housing prices going up? Are you finding it harder and harder to take hold of the American dream of homeownership? It's not just you. In this episode, Delina and Erika are talking about current housing insecurity and how it's impacting Black people all over the country.

Oct 15, 2019

In this episode, Delina and Erika continue the conversation with Amber Webb Booker about the criminal justice system. There's so much to learn about how we can play a part in making it more just. Listen now.

Oct 1, 2019

In this episode, Delina and Erika discover how much they don't know about how the criminal justice system works and how race and wealth play a part. Did you know that whites that have been incarcerated have higher levels of wealth than Blacks that have never experienced incarceration? What’s really going on? We’re...

Sep 22, 2019

On this Side-Hustle, Delina and Erika discuss presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's plan to invest and empower Black America.

Sep 15, 2019

On this episode of Broke-ish, Delina and Erika interview Daria Roithmayr, professor and author of Reproducing Racism. If everyone all of a sudden stopped being racist, would all of our Broke-ish issues be solved? We’re talking about it on this episode of Broke-ish. Press...